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Best Direct mail marketing company UK Print RepublicDo You Want to get More Out of Your Direct Mail Marketing?

Of course you do. It’s probably why you’ve already thrown so much money at the likes of email marketing, banner advertising and SEO.

You’ve heard that online marketing, in particular, is the perfect way to attract business in this new, digital age. People don’t read letters any more, you might have heard.

They’re constantly checking their emails!

They’re also always searching online, discovering products and services like those offered by your own company through Google, Bing and other Internet search engines.

So, in that case… why is your present online marketing campaign failing so spectacularly?

There must be something going wrong.

Here at Print Republic, we know exactly what’s been going wrong with your marketing campaign. The short answer is that you’ve been underestimating the real continued relevance of physical media.

But it’s okay – we can understand why you might have been swept up by the hype about all things online. After all, you’re reading this site online. So it must be good for something, right?

Of course it is. But never make the assumption that physical, printed media is a dead duck, that it no longer has relevance or effectiveness in the present marketing mix.

Just because you’re online, doesn’t mean that you abandon offline.

In fact, you may just be shocked to hear what companies still swear by the use of direct mail marketing. We’re talking about GOOGLE, no less – one of the world’s undoubted technology giants.

Why do they still do it?

It’s simple. They recognise that as one of the oldest forms of marketing, direct mail marketing has survived more than a few revolutions in its time. They know that through the ages of newspapers, radio, television, cinema and social media, direct mail has remained vital to marketing success.

So, if even Google and other titans of their industries are continuing to use direct mail marketing, why aren’t you?

Request our FREE direct mail marketing report today, and you’ll see just how wrong you’ve been getting it so far.

You won’t be getting this advice from all of those online marketing companies that you have been entrusting so far.


Well, they don’t want you to know that there’s another option… a form of marketing that’s as old as the hills, but that will have an ASTOUNDING effect on your marketing campaign if you use it right.

Yes, when your execution is good, you can expect truly GREAT things from direct mail marketing in the 21st century.

That’s because it isn’t just something belonging to a dead, pre-digital age!

It actually has an imperative role to play in our current online-centric world, dovetailing with all of your current forms of online marketing and driving visitors to your website.

Direct mail marketing is a fantastic way of drawing so many more of your target customers to your company website, including to offers and ‘opt-in’ pages and you can learn the step by step approach in how to use direct mail with our free direct mail marketing report.

Direct mail marketing doesn’t have to happen in isolation from email marketing, social media marketing and Pay Per Click. In fact, all of these online and offline marketing methods work together to boost awareness of your firm, build its authority in its industry and get more of your target customers actually purchasing your products or services.

But that’s not all. Do you want to know the best part?

You can learn all about it, EXCLUSIVELY, when you sign up for your FREE direct mail marketing report, right here at Print Republic.

So, why wait any longer?

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Still not convinced?

Here are just Two Crucial Further Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing…

If you are only using a online based marketing strategy then you will miss out on these two key benefits:-

1. Targeting your ideal customer

With direct mail marketing, you can compile a mailing list based on a model of your ideal customers. You are able to filter results by age, gender, income level—almost anything—and by doing so, you are putting your marketing message in front of pre-qualified sales leads.

2. More ideal prospects reading your message

As great as online marketing strategies are (and yes, we use many ourselves!), the fact is that email and online advertisements are opened at much lower rates than direct mail marketing postcards.

A direct mail marketing piece, even if it does find its way into the recycling bin, stands a much higher chance of getting its headline read by your target audience. The more consistently you use direct mail marketing to promote your business, the more likely you are to raise the awareness of your business!

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